KRUPUK + SAMBALS prawn chips, sambal tomat, lemongrass sambal, beet sambal (shellfish) 8

SAMBAL DEVILED EGG chilli, shallot, kaffir lime (shellfish) 8/10

GREEN PAPAYA SALAD (V) green papaya,watermelon radish,carrot,turmeric-lime dressing, peanuts 12.5

SHRIMP & CORN FRITTERS   mango salad, thai chili, ginger, thai basil (gluten, dairy, shellfish) 12

OTAK OTAK   grilled fish cakes in banana leaf, tamarind-coconut sauce (shellfish) 12

SPRING ROLLS (V) seasonal vegetables, fresh herbs, greens, chilli dipping sauce (gluten & soy) 12

CHILI GLAZED CHICKEN WING spicy chilli sauce, pickled radish, cashew ranch (soy & nuts) 10

BEEF SHORT RIB sambal tomat, kecap manis, coconut milk (soy, gluten) 11

BALI BOWL (V)  red lentils, housemade coconut yogurt, pineapple chutney, mint 15

SPICY LAKSA grilled head on shrimp, galangal, chilli, coconut and shrimp paste, kaffir lime, fresh herbs (soy, shellfish, nuts)  17

AYAM BAKAR grilled chicken, braised greens, celeriac pickles, sambal tomat, bumbu sauce (soy) 19

NASI GORENG (V) spiced vegetable fried rice, krupuk, sunnyside-up egg (gluten & shellfish) 14
add barry’s tempeh 4   add wild gulf shrimp 7

PUMPKIN COCONUT CURRY (V) seasonal vegetables, kabocha squash, thai basil,coconut, pumpkin seeds & rice 16

FRESH NOODLES & TEMPEH (V) flat noodles, barry's tempeh, mint, thai basil, cucumber, peanut sauce (soy, gluten) 17

GRILLED FISH IN BANANA LEAF potato salad, thai bird chili, tamarind, rice (shellfish) 18   

MARKET FISH CURRY market fish, turmeric-coconut milk, lemongrass, seasonal vegetables, peanuts, rice (shellfish) 19

SPICY BEEF RENDANG braised beef, cabbage & fennel slaw, house pickle, cilantro, crispy shallots, rice 20


Rice 3

Sauteed Greens 8

Pickles 5

Sambals 2.25

Krupuk 3


Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream

Ginger crème brûlée



Large parties will have an 20% auto gratuity added





Please inform your server of any allergies or aversions you may have. (V)= vegan or vegetarian option available

We proudly serve local grass fed beef from Fleishers Craft butchery, local pastured chickens from small farms.

All seafood is wild and sourced to the standard of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch.