KRUPUK + SAMBAL prawn chips, sambal tomat, sambal matah, beet sambal (shellfish) 8

DEVILED EGGS chilli, shallots, kaffir lime (shellfish) 8

STICKY BLACK RICE yogurt, fruit, coconut 7

BANANA PANCAKES whipped cream, banana, palm sugar syrup (gluten) 10

KAYA TOAST coconut jam, soft slow-poached egg, sambal tomat (soy, gluten) 11

SOFT SCRAMBLE oyster & shiitake mushrooms, beet sambal, cakwe bread 12

BALI BOWL (V) red lentils, housemade coconut yogurt, pineapple chutney, mint 15

NASI GORENG (V) spiced vegetable fried rice, krupuk, sunnyside-up egg (gluten & shellfish) 14
add barry’s tempeh 4    add wild gulf shrimp 7

PERKEDEL KENTANG bumbu-spiced croquettes, market greens, soft slow poached egg (gluten & soy) 15

AYAM GORENG SANDWICH fried chicken, pickled slaw, kaffir aioli, housemade whole wheat bun, sweet potato chips (gluten) 16

SPICY BEEF RENDANG green papaya salad, rice, sunnyside-up egg 17


Large parties will have an 20% auto gratuity added


Please inform your server of any allergies or aversions you may have. (V)= vegan or vegetarian option available

We proudly serve local grass fed beef from Fleishers Craft butchery, local pastured chickens from small farms.

All seafood is wild and sourced to the standard of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch.